The Forresters – Surry Hills, NSW

The Forresters
Surry Hills, NSW


The Forresters is another Monday steak night special.

They do a $5 steak until they run out, It’s served with chips and a choice of sauce. Now I fully expect this to be somewhat terrible, I mean $5, there’s no way it’s good. but it’s cheap and it’s a good atmosphere in the bar.

I order mine rare, the cut is a 200g sirloin, it was pretty busy and the wait was long. When it finally came out the steak was slightly charred and light brown, clearly showing signs of a pan grilled steak.


The flavour wasn’t bad, I mean for the price I wasn’t expecting waygu, it had a decent amount of seasoning and the meat was adequate. The tenderness left something to be desired, it was slightly chewy and cooked to a medium which made it grainy.


For $5 I can’t say I expected more from the steak in terms of flavour and tenderness but if they had cooked it properly I think the result would have been different.

How well it’s cooked – 4.6

Flavour – 3.9

Tenderness – 4.2

Overall – 4.2
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