Claires Kitchen at Le Salon – Darlinghurst, NSW

Claire kitchen
Darlinghurst, NSW

I’d wanted to go to Claire’s Kitchen since I walked past it on my first week in Sydney. My chance came late in February when Dimmi was doing a last minutes special on a Tuesday and I had scored a discount on the bill.

They had a steak on the menu but it was an eye fillet and didn’t sound as appetising as the special of the day, a pork trio plate, it was made up of Prosciutto wrapped loin, roasted pork belly and boudoin noir aka black pudding, they were all tied together with Apple, both chunks and puree, Sorrel and artichoke chips.

To offset my craving for a steak I ordered the steak tartare for an entrée as well after the waiter sold me on it.


I was eager to try the steak tartare after the waiter talked it up and when it arrived I quickly took my photos and mixed it up. It was Phenomenal, presented well with perfect ratios of all condiments and ingredients.


The main came out shortly after and was amazing, the pork was fantastic, each element was done impeccably with it all tying together with the rest of the plate, I didn’t take too many notes because it got in the way of eating such an amazing dish.

I was genuinely impressed by the plate and the dining experience as a whole and would definitely recommend getting a table for a fantastic meal and service.

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