Le Pub – Sydney CBD, NSW

Le Pub
Sydney CBD, NSW


Le pub is a conundrum, it’s not at all visually appealing but the kitchen is meant to put out some great food.

It was dead one Tuesday which worried me even more given that I didn’t like the décor but I soldiered on anyway and ordered their Entrecote.

A 220g thin scotch fillet served with fries and café de Paris sauce, I ordered mine med rare.


It came out super quick which was not surprising given the lack of patronage in the venue, I cut in and was immediately disappointed, it was cooked medium to medium well, the kitchen was idle and I was disappointed they still couldn’t get it right.


The tenderness on the other had been a great surprise; it was like butter, so soft and melts in the mouth. The beef was decent, a light fatty flavor coupled with a diminutive amount of char, the sauce didn’t help it, it was very pasty and your run of the mill café de Paris sauce.


How well it’s cooked –6.4

Flavour – 5.9

Tenderness – 8.1

Overall – 6.8


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