Petrus – Central, HK

Central, HK


On my googling I stumbled across a restaurant called Petrus, it was located at level 56 of the Shangri La on the island side, I saw the weekend set menu and had to go.

I arrived there on a terrible day however, it was so foggy the view was lost; it did however make for a nice backdrop for a fine lunch.


I ordered off the lunch set menu of four courses and waited.


The first dish out, an amuse bouche was angel hair pasta soaked in soy then coated with some sesame oil and finished with black truffle and yuzu foam.
It was a nice cold starter but the truffle lacked any influence on the Asian inspired dish which was splendid.


I started with a duck foie gras, I’ve found it so hard to find the original goose one, it’s somewhat upsetting. This was a classic duck foie, smooth but not overly creamy or rich, one you could finish all and not feel an onset heart attack.
The bread and the pickled rhubarb was great, added some great sweetness and texture to the dish which made it well rounded.


The second course I decided to get the Risotto with truffle and mushrooms. It was a great choice, simple but flavourful and the perfect balance of rich and light with the mushrooms soaking up the lovely truffled butter juices.


My third and main course was the Beef.
It was tenderloin cooked to a rare really well and so unbelievably tender. I asked the waiter to find out the cut, my hunch it being an Australian Wagyu due to the texture being creamy and slightly flaky. He came out and mentioned it was an Australian Wagyu 9+. The tenderloin was a Small portion but great quality and even if it was lacking in beef flavour the dish as a whole was complete, my only minor complaint a touch more salt.


The last course was dessert. Chocolate goodness next to more chocolate and caramel. I couldn’t tell you exactly what was on the plate at this point I was too far into the dessert but I’ll tell you it was delicious.


Lastly they served me coffee with Petit fours, all quite good, the macaron being the standout.

How well it’s cooked – 9.7

Flavour – 6.7

Tenderness – 9.8

Overall – 8.7

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