The Dolphin Hotel – Surry Hills, NSW

The Dolphin Hotel
Surry Hills, NSW

The Dolphin does a 2 for 1 on a Monday and I made my way there to eat two meals with one order, their Wagyu burger and the 400g scotch fillet.
I ordered the steak medium rare and got potato gratin as the side with a truffle jus for sauce.


The burger came out first and was a real meal, I mean it was packed with toppings and stood pretty high served with a side of chips, but overall it was just another burger, there was no wow factor or standout flavours.

The steak took 40 minutes to arrive, it was borderline ridiculous but when it did it looked great.


Lovely grill marks but a touch over medium rare. It was tender and juicy and had been rested well, my favourite thing about the steak at the dolphin is the salts they had to go with it, the steak came unseasoned but you were able to choose from around 7 different flavours salts including the following, smoked, coffee, wattle, lemon myrtle and many more.


Taken as a whole, the flavour carried a char and nice texture and tenderness but quite a light and unsubstantial beefiness, the truffle jus however was simply incredible, worth spilling blood over.

How well it’s cooked – 7.9

Flavour – 6.7

Tenderness – 7.2

Overall – 7.3

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