Barrio Coreano – Seaton Village, TO

Barrio Coreano
Seaton Village, Toronto


Lately my life has been Adriel see, Adriel eat, particularly with Instagram; as soon as I see a dish I need to eat I mentally make plans to steer my friends towards the restaurant I want to eat it at, this specific time being Barrio Coreano and their special house ribs.

I apologise about the pictures; the red hue in the restaurant was unavoidable.


I ordered a fair few dishes on top of the ribs to round out dinner, their ceviche, the k-mex slaw, their confit chicken taco (the special for the day) and the shrimp tacos, my friend also ordered guacamole even though I told him it was stupid and a waste of money but people just don’t listen.


The ceviche and guacamole came out almost instantly and that is never a good sign. The ceviche was overly salty, overly watery and overly citrusy; altogether a bad dish, it was apparent that it was made and kept and plated when ordered, a sin when serving ceviche.

The guacamole was the same; pre made and just scooped into a bowl it was watery and flavourless and a waste of money exactly as I had predicted; guacamole is easy to make and should not be pre made anywhere unless it’s a fast food place.


Thankfully the rest of the meal was better than the first impressions of the restaurant; the ribs and slaw came out next and they were both great, the ribs, fall of the bone tender with a flavouful and sticky sauce; while the slaw was a mix of various delicious ingredients that combine to be a great fresh and crunchy accompaniment to both the tacos and the ribs.


Surprisingly the last items out were the tacos, the shrimp first came out as the crispy taco’s with a huge topping of spicy shrimp and slaw, I really enjoyed these although they were messy to eat, the chicken was a soft taco; nothing overly special and probably didn’t need to be ordered in the end.


My overall experience was okay but I can’t say I’ll be going back at all.

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