Oddseoul – Beaconsfield Village, TO

Beaconsfield Village, Toronto

I’m going to preface this post by saying I should listen to my fellow bloggers before I decide to go somewhere for dinner from now on, first Marben, now Odd Seoul, Th3 Hungry Cat mentioned to me that it wasn’t worth going to it but I insisted and went anyway.

There were four of us dining and we ordered a banquet of things; we started with the scallion and avocado slaw followed by the bulgogi cheesesteak and their loosey burger, the OS wings, torched mackerel and finally the Vietnamese pork belly bowl.


The slaw came out first and we dug in; it was more of a salad than a slaw and it was not spicy at all, apart from the obvious flaws based on its name the actual “slaw” was quite enjoyable, flavoursome and well dressed, it was quite delicious.


The next two dishes that came out was the torched mackerel and the bulgogi cheesesteak; the mackerel was brought to the table and torched in front of us which made for a good show and made the dish exciting, my problem was the texture and freshness of the fish, clearly frozen with a terrible spongy texture.


The cheese steak had a similar problem, it was slightly bulgogi flavoured but in the end it was a half baked idea, the dish lacked a sense of authority in both flavour and presentation.


Next out the wings and the loosey burger, the wings I would have to say were the biggest disappointment of the night, the sauce was okay but was mostly tomato and vinegar flavoured, the wings themselves were over coated with a chewy and altogether bad breading and the actual wing, I don’t know how but they were dry and unappealing, we didn’t finish these.


The loosey burger was the diamond in the rough; a home-style burger served on bread not a bun with all the basics just made well. The patty, the sauces and the toppings all meshed together and I understand why it’s their signature.


Last out the bowl we were all sharing; this again was halfway between concept and execution of idea. The bowl had the right ingredients and the right idea but just wasn’t finished and served how it was imagined, it was seriously lacking in flavour, they’d cooked the pork well though.

Oddseoul is a cool place to grab a drink and maybe snack on a loosey burger but I wouldn’t recommend anything else I ate.

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