Lou Malnatis – River North, Chicago

Lou Malnatis
River North, Chicago

The couple who were my props and hand models for brunch at Long man and eagle joined me for an inaugural Chicago deep dish pizza dinner later that day.


After being recommended Lou Malnatis by every man and two dogs i decided to suggest there, walking around 6 the place was quiet, the ambiance and decor are pretty standard; an older 80s style restaurant with TV’s everywhere to emulate the bar feelings.

Now Lucy, was gluten free so we worked around her a bit but it was actually a blessing in disguise.

Due to this we ordered 3 pizzas, the classic with extra sauce; the gluten free crust (a normal pan pizza) and a GF deep dish where they make the CRUST OUT OF SAUSAGE AND TOP IT WITH CHEESE AND SAUCE. I mean does that not sound freaking amazing.

The pizza took 45 minutes to cook with is a hell of a long time, but just enough time for me to spill a whole freaking beer everywhere. Way to make friends Adriel.


Anyway, the pizza came out all at once very soon after I made a fool of myself and the serving and pictures began.

I started with the classic crusted pizza and it was a revelation. Sauce, sausage and cheese all baked in a pie like crust. The extra sauce a definite winner with the crust and cheese and sausage just made for fantastic eating.


The crust less sausage pizza was just as saucy and with basically the same ingredients was almost as good. I did find that the crust, while being filling created a nice balance and cut the intenseness of such an abundance of toppings.


With the shear amount of pizza I didn’t bother trying the GF base.

I will say that deep dish is definitely a thing and Lou Malnatis was spectacular but unless I had a huge craving and people to go with it would be a once in a long while thing, It was super filling and heavy!

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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