Longman and Eagle – Logan Square, Chicago

Longman and Eagle
Logan Square, Chicago

I went to Longman and Eagle for brunch on Saturday and received the same “it’s about 15 minute for one at the bar” as i had yesterday at Au Cheval. Having read the menu there was no way I wasn’t going to wait.

After I sat and ordered a whisky and espresso and perused the menu to make my decision.
While the food all sounded so good I ended up getting the chicken and waffles and the duck egg hash.


The food came out all at once which was exciting; I wanted to eat so badly but the dishes looked so good I didn’t rush the photos.


After 5 minutes of ridiculousness which involved using not only the bartender but the couple beside me as props I started with the fried chicken.


It was something else, on first bite a satisfying crunch immediately followed by a juicy chicken with all the right flavours. The waffles were no slouch either, a robust yet fluffy waffle which complemented perfectly. To top that off they served it with a pork belly and sweet potato hash, a meal in itself but also the perfect combination that made this dish one of the (possibly the) best breakfast (brunch) plate I’ve eaten this calendar year.


The duck egg hash has was a Yukon hash, duck confit, caramelised onions, two duck eggs done sunny side up all served with a yuzu truffle aioli.

It was a rich and flavourful dish but still felt light and oddly clean. Getting a bite of everything together was a must; the way the duck and potato texture combined with the creamy aioli and egg was amazing and the explosion of nuances in your mouth as the various flavours combined was enlightening.


I usually have a rule when I eat alone; order two, finish one, and by one I mean half of each.
The food was that incredible at Longman and Eagle, that it not only justified, but demanded that I finish it all.

I will be back next time I visit the 312, without a doubt.

Longman & Eagle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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