Avec – West Loop, Chicago

West Loop, Chicago

I cut brunch close after I went to Jim’s, it was an unplanned stop and made me a little stretched for time for lunch but I did what I needed to.
I took a seat at the bar and took stock of the super urban and refined decor, square and wood everything with a metal bar and metal kitchen; an Industrial meets a green theme?


Anyhow, onto the food, I went to try the chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon served with a pepper tomato sauce and bread; a must try dish according to several publications. To round out the breakfast I also got a side of patatas bravas and side of their pork belly.

The service was slammed and it took a while before my coffee came out and it took even longer before the food started to.


One of the side dishes came and the waiter asked why I was waiting and I explained I was waiting to take pictures of everything; he then went on to tell me it’s a course menu and it comes as it’s ready, which is fine if you’ve ordered from the small plates and large plates, but if I’ve ordered sides I want them on the side of something right?

Anyway, overlooking that small annoyance and around 8 minutes later the last two dishes arrived.


Everything looked great, I was especially excited to try the dates which I’d read so much about.
They were fantastic, sweet, spicy, salty and worked delectably with the sauce and bread. a truly inspired dish that I wish to have again.


The sides on the other hand were hit and miss; while there were good in flavour the textures and cooking left something to be desired.

The pork was flavourful, rich and fatty but was overcooked and stringy towards the bottom, the bravas were equally flavourful and delicious however there were a handful of potatoes that were dry and unappealing vs the fluffy and crisp ones.

Overall it was an okay experience with the dishes and services being very hit and miss I don’t think it would get me back anytime soon.

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