La Cubana – Beaconsfield Village, TO

La Cubana
Beaconsfield Village, Toronto

La Cubana, sits on Ossington st, I’ve passed it many times and finally found my chance one evening when my fridge was particularly empty and I was not uncharacteristically hung over.

La Cubana is a weird colour; I’m putting it out there, it’s a strange green colour with the ambiance being that of a typical diner anywhere.


I ordered the pressed cubano knowing it was something I knew that I wanted, It was going to be great I told myself; I’ve been so amped up on Cuban sandwiches since the movie chef that I was probably a bit too excited.
To go with that I ordered the short rib plate after a recommendation from the girl behind the counter.


The food came out at once, it looked great, I was impressed by the willingness of the staff to help me take photo’s (always bonus points from me). I finally started with the sandwich and it was great, the meats were delicious, a flavourful and soft pork that was grilled with a complementing smokey ham all pressed with Gruyère and both, pickles and pickled onions. The outside was super buttery; I found it to be great at first but as the sandwich went on it was a trial to finish it – definitely not for the health conscious. While overall a great sandwich – make sure you get some of their hot sauce to go with – it was incredibly light on both cheese and pickles.


I started on the short rib plate after setting down the sandwich; on first bite I was blown away.
It was incredible, a flakey and explosive piece of meat that was lathered in their sweet(ish) bbq sauce and served with a creamy spicy slaw and the best rice and beans I’ve ever had.
Not one complaint about the plate; the best part was mixing a bit of everything, it was like some sort of nirvana.


If I’m ever hung over and I feel like cheapish great food I will be heading back for that short rib plate, something everyone should probably try at least once.

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