The Beach Hotel – Jan Juc, Vic, AU

The Beach Hotel
Jan Juc, Victoria, Aus

Recently I’ve started working down near the surf coast and have been making my way around with a few colleagues to hit some of the pubs and restaurants in the area, unfortunately for us, not much is open on Wednesdays down here in winter, after a bit of googling we found that it was Parma night out at the Jan Juc Pub.

Unable to pass up this deal we made a plan and headed there after work; the place isn’t overly fancy, well to say it had any ambiance on a Wednesday would be a downright lie, the lights were on, tv’s were playing the sports and there were maybe 10 people there.

Onto the food, the Parma night special involved all their Parma’s (they had roughly 10 types) at $20 each. There were some interesting types there, two of my colleagues opted for “the Outback” a bbq sauce centred Parma, my eye however, was caught by the spudy, a Parma with mash potato, bacon and cheese with gravy instead of Napoli. To make it more gluttonous I ordered the “it takes two to tango”, essentially a Parma stacked on a Parma.

It came out and looked fantastic, a Spudy Parma with a normal stacked on top with a side of chips and salad.

I was excited, I moved the original over and poured the gravy onto the spudy and went for it; the combination of the mash, bacon, cheese and gravy was amazing, they are definitely onto a winner at the beach hotel with the flavours in the Parma, the same can be said for the original, good sauce to cheese ratio and a good sauce flavour.

The unfortunate part of this meal was the base of the dish, the schnitzel. It was soggy, dry and clearly precooked. It brought the whole meal down and left the overall feeling of my meal to be one of disappointment.

Maybe the chef was lazy, maybe it’s because it was Parma night, and either way I would like to believe it’s not always that disappointing.

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