Barry – Northcote



Barry is the proverbial “it” place at the top end of High St at the moment. Everyone I’ve spoken to has either been or plans to go soon. I’ve been wanting to go to Barry for a while myself, and I decided to head there in my quest to make it out for breakfast more often.


From what I had read on the menu it seemed like a slightly health conscious place with various contemporary twists on somewhat classic dishes.

I was dining with more than one person and everyone was after their own dish, which threw me completely (if you read regularly you’d know I need to try everything). I couldn’t decide between their super food salad, the burger, Korean chicken sub or the eggs benedict.

After 15 (shameful) minutes I ordered the eggs benedict, which was served with an Apple cider hollandaise, slow braised ham hock instead of ham and potato rosti instead of the usual toast or English muffin, on paper it sounded delicious.

Around the table was the chilli scrambled eggs (this is becoming a trend in most places, let it be noted) the burger, the brioche with raspberries, mascarpone and halva, and a special, ‘the Doc Martin crumpets’ with vanilla ganache and berries.


The wait for the food was long and noticeable due to the lack of service on drink as well; our coffees weren’t      hot and other drinks were simply forgotten.


Finally the food arrived, and the crumpets definitely looking like the best dish on the table. I dug into my eggs and was, in a word, disappointed. The eggs underdone, the rosti’s raw and the “twist” on the classic eggs benedict flailing wildly in comparison to a well done classic.


The brioche however was really nice, good mixture of flavours and texture, with the raspberries having rosewater delicately infused in them. Definitely something i would consider ordering again.


Finally the crumpets. Apparently at Barry, looks do count; because not only was it the best looking dish but it was the best dish we had. Creamy, rich, and exquisitely vanilla ganache with a fresh berry compote that complimented it flawlessly.

There are many more items on Barry’s menu that intrigue me, and while this visit wasn’t stellar, the thought of the ‘have not tried’ are greatly stacking up for a return trip.



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Fifteen pounds – Fairfield

Fifteen pounds

Opposite the Fairfield train station, nestled somewhat unassumingly, is/sits Fifteen Pounds.  I’ve been told to come and try the burger by a couple of people, and I’ve heard rumours that their outdoor garden is quite a lovely place to eat and relax.

One sunny Sunday I decided to put these recommendations to the test. The café itself is nice, modern and refined though still being somewhat rustic.

I ordered the Wagyu Burger, the Chicken Roll, the Veggie Pan Eggs (this wasn’t in my  plan originally, but I saw them come out of the kitchen and they looked fantastic), a couple of hash browns and some sourdough toast with their homemade berry jam.


The toast, hash browns and veggie pan eggs came out first, and the hash browns were not what I was expecting. They were more like a bubble and squeak, and not really anything like a hash brown in my opinion.

The toast was nice, nothing overly special, but the home made jam was good: sweet and slightly tart with a liberal amount of real fruit in it.


The pan eggs however were a delight. Soft poached eggs, crunchy kale, sweet beetroot and some chilli. It was a great meal, combining good flavours and textures together.


The chicken roll came out next, and I honestly wasn’t a fan. Admittedly it was a safe, albeit boring choice, though there is room to do a “classic” well; apart from the fried chicken tenders and the mayo, the whole roll was a letdown. I would have preferred it served up as a dish with a small salad-like side.

Lastly the burger came out, and it looked amazing.


My friend and I were sharing, so I cut it in half and bit into it, and  it was such a disappointment. The bun was overly dry, the condiments not great and the patty the biggest let down – over spiced and flavoured strangely, it took everything away from the meat.


The atmosphere and garden at Fifteen Pounds was rather nice, let down only by some second-rate food of their lunch menu. What I ordered from the breakfast menu, however, was worth going back for.

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