Forage – West End, Vancouver, BC

West End, Vancouver, BC

I was after a good brunch in BC one weekend and I happened upon an article describing he brunch on offer at forage.
I enlisted a friend to help me order as much as possible on the menu and after careful deliberation we settled on the following: The double fried pork chop sandwich, the corned bison hash and the spiced lentils.

Moving out of the comfort zone we were playing it dangerous with the bison hash which was paired with kale, house-made sauerkraut along with an IPA mustard hollandaise as well as the spiced lentils which was served in skillet with merguez sausage, poached eggs, spring peas, pea tips, mint yogurt and toast.

They all came out together and looked amazing. The first thing I noticed was that the eggs were cooked perfectly on every dish.

I started with the pork chop sandwich, done very classically; almost too much so, the sandwich lacked any defining flavours and could have done with more moisture, and the bread along with the double fried chop were quite dry.
This was definitely my least favourite dish.


I went with the hash next and was not disappointed, the flavours all complimenting each other and each ingredient accenting different textures. The egg yolk spilled into the hash and added an extra creamy depth to it. This dish was not as heavy as I was expecting it to be; the potatoes and hash were light and lean and while full of flavour not leaving you feeling heavy and unhealthy.


Lastly the lentils; I was most skeptical about this dish; I wasn’t sure how well they would put everything together but boy was I wrong. The dish was superb, the flavours, creamy textures of the lentils, sausage and the perfectly poached eggs worked wonders with their sourdough toast.

If I’m ever in Vancouver and looking for a great brunch I will definitely making another trip to forage.

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Café Medina – Downtown Vancouver, BC

Café Medina
Downtown Vancouver, BC

Café Medina is a particularly well-known brunch spot in Vancouver, I tried getting there early one Saturday but ended up getting there at 10am to a 30 minute wait. The place was highly recommended to me and I decided to wait it out.

I ordered three things on the menu, the Fricassee; the wolves’ breakfast and the tuna salad.

The place was packed and the kitchen was slammed; the time between ordering and eating was long but once the food had arrived it looked so good I forgot about the time it took.


I started with the wolves’ breakfast, a plate full of pork and meats. I first went for the sausages and pork shoulder and was not disappointed, they were great and flavour and really matched the mustards and the sauerkraut, I was also a big fan of their house pickled vegetables. The bacons on the other had were unbelievably disappointing; the house smoked was overcooked and tough and not at all enjoyable and the pea meal was dry with the romesco sauce not doing it any favours.


The Fricassee on the other hand was great; a simple tomato sauce with just enough of flavour you could want. The beef was super tender and luscious but not overly fatty all rounded out by perfectly cooked potatoes covered in melted cheddar.
I only had one complaint about this dish, it came with two pieces small bread which was not nearly enough.


Lastly the Tuna salad; a simple fresh and light dish.
White beans, quinoa, tomatoes and fresh herbs all tossed in a tahini dressing. A standout combining savoury, spicy and creamy all at once served with a fresh lightly grilled delicate tuna.

The menu at medina read like a variable hit list of brunch go tos and if I’m in Vancouver again I’d definitely go back to it.

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