Botswana Butchery – Queenstown, NZ

Botswana Butchery
Queenstown, NZ

Botswana Butchery was the last stop for a steak in NZ. The place was nice, a contemporary feeling steakhouse, playing with the butchery part of their name with knives and cleavers everywhere.


I sat down at the bar and perused the menu. Their steak list is quite extensive with the option to either char grill or pan grill the steak. I settled on the 500g savannah grass fed rib eye ($46), char grilled medium rare. I chose a confit garlic mash just to shake things up and break away from the usual chips, and a pinot and thyme jus.

It arrived after what seemed like an age. A charred aroma swirled off the steak, and I did my usual finger press tasting.


It tasted quite nice, but felt a bit firm – my first sign of concern. I cut it down the middle, and I was slightly relieved but equally annoyed. The piece was both uneven in size and unevenly cooked, ranging from just medium rare to medium well.


That was my only negative on the steak, the overcooked nature of it, in turn, the tenderness also being somewhat effected brought the score down, but flavour wise it was great – charred, seasoned well and the grass fed flavour packing a nice punch.


The mash was a good choice, it was creamy, lushoius and garlicy; A great mash. The sauce on the other hand was just ok. It didn’t complement the steak, but went pretty well with the potato.


How well it’s cooked – 7.1

Flavour – 7.9

Tenderness – 6.6

Overall – 7.0


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Jervois Steak House – Queenstown, NZ

Jervois Steak House
Queenstown, NZ

Our last stop in New Zealand was Queenstown, I had two places I wanted to have a steak, the first being Jervois Steak House

I went for lunch, taking advantage of their special: a 200g rib eye off the bone, aka scotch fillet, with fries and a sauce for $25. I ordered it medium rare with a truffle chipotle and horseradish béarnaise as sauce.


The ambiance was lovely and elegant with friendly staff; halfway between a steakhouse and a high class restaurant.


I was the first person in the restaurant and the meal took only 15 minutes from ordering. It arrived looking and smelling amazing.


The initial taste was fantastic, meaty seasoned charred beef with just enough fat. The further I got into the steak however, the saltier it got. Coupled with the over salted chips it was an overload which had me reaching for water every two bites.


Along with the excess salt the piece was cooked medium to medium well, which ruined the texture and the tenderness along with it.

Overall a touch less salt on everything and a proper cooking could have had this lunch special being a real treat, unfortunately it fell just short and gave me a heavy sodium overload.


How well it’s cooked – 6.7

Flavour – 7.7

Tenderness – 4.9

Overall – 6.1


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