Shake Shack – Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Shake Shack
Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

No trip to NYC is complete without shake shack.

Just as I was leaving I stopped of to make it my last meal in the great city they’ve released a new smoke shack burger as well as caramelised onion and bacon bits as a topping. I struggled with my inner fat self the whole way up to the counter, and for those of you who’ve been know that is a fairly long time.

I decided the best thing to do would be to combine everything; a double patty mutant shack; a double smoke shack style with lettuce, tomato, pickles and the caramelised onions and bacon bits.


It came out later in all it’s glory and was fresh and delicious, there wasn’t enough shack sauce so I added a little ketchup to compliment.


Shake Shack is 2-1 on my 3 trips, and only continues to improve. It’s not overly fast but it hits the spot when the cravings hit.

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Motorino – East Village, NYC

East Village, NYC

Motorino in Hong Kong is a vivid memory for me, it was a fantastic pizza and will always be remembered that way. Craving that feeling again and being in NYC, its origin, I went expecting similar greatness.


I ordered the marinara, half with cheese and sausage; the best of both worlds. The place was ridiculously busy for a Sunday and the extended wait didn’t go unnoticed (that being said I’d just eaten at lobster and burger so It can be argued it’s not a bad thing).


The pizza came out and I’d asked for it in a take away box to walk and eat (calories in, calories out). I enjoyed the pizza but not as much as I had hoped I would.


Don’t get me wrong it was a good pizza, it just fell short of the expectations brought on by the HK branch,  for the price I think better pizza is around NYC, next time I’m there I’ll have to check out another place.

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