Fette Sau – Williamsburg, NYC

Fette Sau
Williamsburg, NYC


Following my two breakfasts of a fried chicken sandwich and a cheeseburger I felt it only natural that my next stop was the Williamsburg shrine to bbq, Fette Sau.


Walking in you’re greeted with a very relaxed atmosphere; stacks of wood, picnic tables in the sun and as you move inside, family style tables and a mural of where the cuts come from in the wall. As you step in the smoked aroma takes over and taunts you as you line up for meats.


We were a group of 5 and planned to order an array, unfortunately the duck finished just as we approached the front.


We went with 3/4lb of brisket and ribs, 1/2 pulled pork and 1/4 of the lamb belly bacon. To round that out we ordered their potato salad, pickles and burnt end beans as sides. A well-balanced lunch if I don’t say so myself.


We waited for a couple of people to get drink but I was getting peckish and snuck a few pieces of the bacon and holy Jesus, It was amazing.
I moved onto the ribs and brisket when everyone came back and was equally as impressed, the brisket was fatty, moist and rubbed with just the right amount of seasoning.

The ribs came of the bone and went down a treat with their BBQ sauce. Next the pulled pork, I used the pickles and potato rolls we received to make myself a pulled pork sandwich and it was marvelous, the pork was flavourful but not overly mushy and their pickles gave a great crunch. The beans were on point, creamy, spicy and meaty; everything you could want. The only thing left on our tray was the potato salad. We all preferred a creamy one and this one was more the light vinegar style.


Fette Sau is worth the trek and lineup, the welcoming relaxed vibe really compliments the food making it an enjoyable place for lunch. And for God’s sake get the lamb belly bacon.

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Mahia St Kitchen – Napier, NZ

Mahia St Kitchen
Napier, NZ


A few of the groomsparty had a post wedding breakfast in the morning, now I wasn’t sure if I was drunk, hungover, tired or just plain hungry, but I got to the Mahia st kitchen and literally ordered almost everything.

I wasn’t feeling too well when I first arrived, so I started with a bloody Mary. Having never had one before I was deligtfully surprised at the amount I enjoyed it.

Not feeling any better I then went with a long black, along with $75 worth of breakfast. I ordered the sourdough toast with avocado and tomato salsa, the baked eggs, the texas pork ribs, a side of black pudding, a side of bacon and a side of potato croquettes.

This was by far one of the most ridiculous breakfasts I’ve ever had but it was revelatory.


The black pudding, house made, was delicious.



The bacon was cooked really well with that slight hint of the smoked flavor that I decided would go well sandwiched with the Sourdough, avocado and tomato salsa, then went for the baked eggs served with Turkish bread to mop up the delicious tomato and spice sauce.


Finally the ribs, I saved the best for last, and let me tell you they were divine better than most ribs I’ve had recently. The only let down after all of that was the croquettes. They were plain and okay.


Mahia st kitchen is leading the way in Napier in terms of quality ingredients and well executed dishes. If I’m ever there again I know exactly where I’d be going for breakfast.

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