Miss Thing’s – Parkdale, TO

Miss Thing’s
Parkdale, Toronto


Recently opened on Queen St just west of Dufferin, Miss Things is one of the new “it” places of summer.

Walking in you’re greeted by an elegant and chic French influenced wood grain bar coupled with a large mural of flowers transporting you to a somewhat tropical island, safe to say its ambiance reflects the menu, classic dishes with a pan-Asian/tropical influence.


We got quite carried away with talks of food, so much so that we hadn’t nailed down our order when our waitress came around. Given a couple more minutes to regroup we focused and classically over ordered. From start to finish we ordered the Lobster Bisque Ramen; the grilled squid; the fried chicken (of course), the Loco Moco and their signature, the pineapple fried rice.


It didn’t take long before the food started hitting the table; first out the lobster bisque ramen, it was tiny, a kids serving size, but then again lobster is about flavour not portion size. Unfortunately the flavour of this particular bisque lacked any sort of depth and was completely lack lustered, my positives mostly come from the amount of lobster in the small bowl.


Their Fried chicken, a spice dredged chicken served with a sweet Szechuan style dipping sauce and pickles was out next, reminiscent of an old school KFC coating, more about the flavour than the crunch it was an interesting take. The spices prominent but not over powering and their sauce was magnificent; a true balance of flavours, next time I order the fried chicken I want it tossed in the sauce because it took a good fried chicken to a great fried chicken. The only thing I didn’t like on the plate was the pickles, trying to maintain the pan-Asian concept they were soaked in various sauces which gave it a Kung pao chicken-esque flavour which didn’t match the rest of the dish.


The last three dishes came out together, I first reached for a hollowed out pineapple filled with fried rice and topped with pieces of what turned out to be jackfruit; I had thought we had ordered pork however my friend made a mistake when ordering. I was not at all upset about the jackfruit, it was made superbly and my only problem with the whole combination was the exceedingly predominant sugariness of both the jackfruit and pineapple together.


Next I tried the grilled squid, it was topped with spicy black bean and served with a green papaya and fennel slaw then finished with candied oranges. It was for me, the standout dish in terms of everything; the cooking was exquisite, the concept of sweet, tart and spicy altogether on a plate with the delicate squid was transcendent of simple but delightful cooking.


Last was the Loco Moco and unfortunately was another disappointment, if not the most disappointing. The egg and mushrooms were quite simple and the rice, while flavourful was simply coconut rice. Finally the steak, a very overcooked flank served with their homemade A1 sauce which lent a tangy and bold flavour but on its own the steak was as flavourful as cardboard.


Regrettably my meal at miss things was hit and miss; nevertheless I’ll be going back for the fried rice with pork and jackfruit together, I think the combination will be dynamite.

How well it’s cooked – 4.6

Flavour – 3.6

Tenderness – 4.8

Overall – 3.6

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Mexicano – Christchurch, NZ

Christchurch, NZ

Futher into my travels through NZ I found myself in Christchurch.

The devistation of the 2011 earthquake was still readily visible, but a lot had been rebuilt and there were a lot of new and up and coming places around.

We happened onto a Mexican restaurant up along Victoria St, Mexicano.
Mexicano was a very lively and well outfitted restaurant. Red neons, wood trim and various other token Mexican things scattered around the place.


We sat and studied the menu, it was going to be a difficult decision, the menu had so many tantalizing options, that we decided between the three of us to share a handful of dishesWe ordered the ceviche, the fried chicken, and a steak (of course). I also got a fish taco for myself (because fish tacos are the best kind of taco).


The fish taco and fried chicken came out first. I went for the taco first as the chicken had a fair amount of heat coming off it. The fish was cooked perfectly, and the rest of the ingredients went brilliantly with the fish; an all-round great taco.


Onto the fried chicken, it was somewhat Reminiscent of Gami in Melbourne sweet soy and garlic, crispy and juicy coated in a sweet sauce, almost too sweet in my opinion in this instance. It needed a chilli after taste to kind of bring it back, which was easily fixed with the number of various bottles on the table.


While it may seem like a complaint, it was me really just trying to find something wrong.

The ceviche was considerably smaller than I expected for $16, but what it lacked in size it made up for in flavour Fresh, light, creamy and citrusy with a melt in the mouth texture to boot.


Lastly the steak came out, and it was a stunner. A tantalizing aroma filled the air and the dish itself looked so hearty and wholesome.


The cut was a flank and I had requested rare – the flank, being lean and a secondary cut, should be had no more than medium rare to avoid ruining the piece in my opinion. This one came out medium.

Straight away you could taste and feel the results of the overcooking. The tenderness had gone and the texture was grainy and flakey. It definitely needed to be cooked rare.


Everything else on the other hand was phenomenal. The beef was heavily charred, smokey, and carried a heavy and rich beefy flavour.

It’s unfortunate the steak was overcooked, it could have been so much more, however the experience as a whole was thoroughly enjoyable and the flavour in their food was exceptional.

One last thing to note is there dessert menu; they have one item on it: a Popcorn sundae. You’re a fool not to get it, it was incredible.



How well it’s cooked – 6.4

Flavour – 8.9

Tenderness – 5.6

Overall – 7.0


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