Holy Chuck Burgers – Yonge St Clair, TO

Holy Chuck Burgers
Yonge St Clair, Toronto

One day late after work my colleague and I decided that working a 14 hour day deserved some sort of artery clogging and slightly disgustingly delicious food. Me, wanting to get the foie gras poutine again suggested we go to holy chuck.

I was unsure what burger to get so it took me a while to pick something; I ended up going with the farmers threesome, it was a triple patty burger, one beef, one bacon and one lamb.


The food too a bit of time to come out but they were pretty busy so I was slightly forgiving. I started with the burger and was disappointed and surprised at the same time, the bacon patty was amazing (if anything slightly overpowering) while the lamb did not need to be there, it was too heavily herbed and didn’t match the profile of the burger.


I was underwhelmed by the burger – the first one I had was definitely much better, I think it was a classic double chuck with all the fixings – I started on the poutine and while it was just as rich and flavourful as the last time the foie gras was heavily overcooked and both rubbery and stringy.

While I do still rate it above Burgers Priest, I’m a little worried that it’s slipped this much in 4 months.

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Le Sélect Bistro – Fashion District, TO

Le Sélect Bistro
Fashion District, Toronto

A brunch favourite among my friends they insisted I check it out the next time they went.


We were seating in what was a classic french bistro style restaurant, with a quaint and charming atmosphere, unfortunately, I can’t say I felt the same about the staff.


I was told to get the eggs Benedict by my friends but my eyes had found the foie gras on the menu and I was fixated, foie gras for breakfast, it had to be done. Served with french toast, poached pears and a couple of baked eggs it sounded like a rich and satisfying breakfast.


It came out and looked amazing; that foie gras aroma was enlightening. I was a little disappointed by the sizing and the amount it was grilled; overall however it was a great dish with classic pairings for a classy brunch.

One other thing I did note was that I wish is that the foie was served on the bread instead of on the side so that it could soak up the fatty flavours that dripped off.

Overall my breakfast was good although my friend who ordered their Quiche was not as impressed.

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