Shearwater Restaurant – Heron Island, AU

Shearwater Restaurant
Heron Island

Heron Island: think Great Barrier Reef, turtles, sharks, birds – paradise. Didn’t think I could find a steak on this island? Wrong. After capitalising on one of those weekend newspaper “bargain” deals, my better half and I ventured out to Heron Island for a 7-night getaway. Overall, the food wasn’t great (think camp food) but seeing as we were on a nature island during the peak of turtle egg-laying season we knew we actually came to enliven the little part of David Attenborough that (I think) exists in each and every one of us.


Despite this, one couldn’t help but be distracted by the constant wafts of bird poo that circulated throughout the restaurant. Nor could one refrain from critiquing the tacky blue walls and décor which made the restaurant seem like a staff kitchen in a dated aquarium.

On a more positive point, a noteworthy dish I had on the island was the mouth-watering Cape Byron Rib Eye.


Set at the price of $37AUD, the steak was a long-awaited palette cleanser and star of the show for the Shearwater Restaurant (think Chris Martin to Coldplay). Cooked at medium rare, the meat was lean but buttery and juicy – you could tell the big fella had been well looked after.


And if the meat has got you Wikipedia’ing the location from which it originated (Cape Byron is the easternmost point of Australia FYI) then you know it’s a quality cut. Served with baby carrots, red wine jus and Paris mash the combination was rich and made you fill all warm inside – almost like a good feed at a pub. The kitchen could have done a better job with the presentation but all in all it was a very satisfying dish.


Cape Byron Rib Eye

How well it was cooked – 8.5

Flavour – 8.5

Tenderness – 8.5

Overall – 8.5

Gotham Steakhouse – Downtown, Vancouver, BC

Gotham Steakhouse
Downtown, Vancouver, BC


My last (and I think it may have been my only) steak in Vancouver was Gotham Steakhouse.

It was in the middle of downtown and had a very heavy Steak house feeling with an upscale and refined outfitting.  The place was covered with clean black leather with a bar on one side and a lounge on the other; the lighting was set to the dimmest of settings with the waiters dressed in white jacked formal.

I went in and ordered the rib eye cooked medium rare and a side of asparagus, you know, for shits and giggles.

As the server set the table up for the steak she brought the steak knife and I was a little worried; it was worn, beaten and definitely dull.


The beef came out and I was partially correct about the knife; although I can’t be absolutely sure because the meat was unbelievably fatty, soft and tender. I was on point, cooked to perfection and marbled just enough. The beef, a grain feed Canadian prime was some of the best Canadian beef I’ve had this past year here.


The flavour profile was meaty and slightly buttery but still had a beefy sweetness to it and to the kitchens credit wa seasoned to literal perfection.

On my next visit to Vancouver I can say that if I’m not feeling adventurous and wanting something proven I will be back at Gotham for sure.

Tenderness – 8.2

Flavour – 9.2

How well it’s cooked – 9.4

Overall – 8.6

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