Vlado’s – Richmond, VIC

Richmond, VIC


For what would be my last steak in Melbourne, Vlado’s seemed fitting; it’s an iconic venue, housed in a brick building on Bridge St in Richmond with a menu that hasn’t changed since the beginning, which now comes to over 50 years.


We started the night with the appetizer, their house made sausage, char grilled, the sausage was full of flavour with just the right amount of fat, my favourite thing about it being the course grind they’d used, setting it apart from your average sausage.



Next out was the entrée, a meat platter to share, grilled and seasoned pieces of calf liver, hamburger patties and pork neck as well as unseasoned pieces of eye fillet.


Everything grilled to perfection, and charred just enough to enhance the flavour but not too much to be overpowering.
My personal favourite on the plate was the pork neck, seasoned and grilled to heavenly perfection.


Finally the main event, we had the choice between an eye fillet, rump or porterhouse with the option to upgrade to a wagyu 8+ porterhouse.


Naturally I upgraded and ordered the wagyu, I decided to let the man pick what he would cook it to, he said it would come out between medium rare and rare.


The steaks arrived and they were heavily charred and smelled amazing.


The cooking was great; I found it to be just enough to have melted the fat into the meat but not enough to make the steak grainy or tough.
The char, salt, fat and Vlado’s house mustard all went perfectly together and married for a great eating experience.
There weren’t too many downsides to the steak but it was not as euphoric as I had heard it to be.


After the steak we came to the last course, a strawberry and cream crepe, no nonsense, sweet ending to the night.


How well it’s cooked – 9.4

Flavour – 9.5

Tenderness – 8.3

Overall – 9.1


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Blue Gum Hotel – Hornsby, NSW

Blue Gum Hotel
Hornsby, NSW


I’ll be honest; I broke my rule due to the lack of choice around work and have been to the Blue Gum 3 times now. The first two times I was there for lunch I was quite sick (not from the food), and had the beef sliders which were ok, and a schnitzel which was great.

This time round I opted for a steak review. I knew from previous visits I was ordering the 300g wagyu rump. I had it cooked medium rare with chips and salad. I’d usually stick to a rare for a rump, but the menu said 7+ marbling so I really wanted the fat to melt.


The Blue Gum also have a BBQ option, you can cook your own steak on a bbq there.

15 minutes later the steak was ready, it was order and pick up (like so many places I’ve noticed in Sydney).


It looked ok, not a very heavy aroma and slightly thinner than what I was expecting. It was cooked adequately but not amazingly. Upon tasting I was underwhelmed. Slightly under seasoned, no great char and the tenderness was sub-par for a wagyu rump. You definitely couldn’t tell it was 7+ wagyu.


The best part of the meal was probably the pepper sauce, amazingly done.


How well it’s cooked – 7.4

Flavour – 5.9

Tenderness –5.6

Overall – 6.3


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