Buvette – Greenwich Village, NYC

Greenwich Village, NYC

I knew I was arriving late into NYC so I did my research beforehand to find somewhere low-key for dinner with a friend; I stumbled onto Buvette and was sold. My flight was delayed (as usual) and I arrived at Buvette around 11:30pm to a packed restaurant.


The atmosphere was amazing, it was like I had stepped into a teleporter and had found myself in France; the restaurant was small but had marvelous character and this homely feeling.


The whole menu was appetizing but I kept it homely and traditional in keeping with the ambiance. We ordered the steak tartare and the duck cassoulet. The steak tartare was very simple, no egg yolk, not fancy additions, just steak with a few condiments with a fantastic bread. So simple yet so incredible, the beef cut finely and the ingredients all so precisely added to balance the dish.



The cassoulet’s was a trip to France in a dish; the beans, cumin, spices, sausage and duck confit all harmoniously melded as I ate it, I mopped up the gravy with crusty bread and had felt like I had truly left NYC and was seated in Paris eating at a local restaurant.

To finish the meal I ordered their blue cheese; a creamy blue served with the same bread as the tartare with stewed blueberries; a classic and scrumptious way to finish the meal.

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Union – Beaconsfield Village, TO

Beaconsfield Village, Toronto

Union has been on my eat list for months; that doesn’t really mean much considering I’ve been in Toronto for less than 6 but still; I was thrilled to finally get to go.


I’d had the ribs and loved those, but I was here to try a few other things on their menu, one dish being the steak tartare.
To round out dinner we’d also ordered the elk sliders, the apricot salad (you may not find this on the current menu as it rotates daily) and their swordfish main.


The elk, tartare and salad came at the same time a the elk sliders were amazing, served open face on challah and glazed in a sweet mirin sauce with pickles; I loved these, super crisp outside with a delectably rare outside the elk was superb; the dish as a whole was great, a combination of flavours with well executed cooking.


The tartare was divine, finely chopped beef, deconstructed with habenero, pickles and two types mustards; a well presented dish with a memorable texture and flavour the bread itself left me wanting more; it’s like it was crafted for the dish.

The salad was a nice buffer in-between the two protein rich dishes, fresh, crisp and tart.


Last out was the swordfish they had going that day, grilled to perfection and served with mash and a few different greens. A well constructed dish with good flavours but it was nothing memorable.


I like the principals of Union and will be going back to try the rest of their enticing menu.

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