Café Bar Pasta – Brockton Village, TO

Café Bar Pasta
Brockton Village, Toronto


My trip to Cafe Bar Pasta was once again a case of food envy; I was picture of the steak tartare on instagram and immediately needed to eat it.
Walking in and taking a seat I was stuck, not wanting to over eat but looking at all the tantalizing items on the menu I lost control and ordered 3 dishes; to start I ordered the steak tartare and their perogies then as a main their steak dish for the day, a 100 day dry aged rib eye grilled and finished with white truffle oil served with asparagus and mushrooms.


They bought out bread and vinegar which was a classic start however I was disappointed with the vinegar’s quality; it was the run of the mill cheap stuff which undercut my enjoyment of the bread.


The perogies came out first, they filled the air with a truffle and foie gras aroma and after a few photo’s I dug in. the casing, filling and texture was a great, smooth creamy and cheesy; the truffle oil went well with them coupled with the small amount of sour cream; I took each bite with a piece of foie and the flavours acted harmoniously to leave you thinking about how rich and creamy each bite was. The only thing I disliked was the overcooking of the foie.


The tartare was sublime, I had no complaints, the steak mixed with marrow and the basic condiments served with thin and crispy bread was textural dynamite that left me smiling in contentness of the quality of the dish. Definitely something I’d come back to get.


Lastly the steak, it came out unexpectedly cut and scattered; the dish was served medium rare; the white truffle oil it was finished in was apparent and gave the dish the next level feeling. Every element was cooked perfectly and it all worked together melodiously; the steak was an almost perfect medium rare with a serious char and a mouthwatering salty truffle flavour.

The steak was so good I ate the vegetable first in order to savor the tender beefiness that was left after.

Café Bar Pasta sits unassumingly on Dundas; next time you’re in the area it’s best not to pass it by.

How well it’s cooked – 8.5

Flavour – 8.9

Tenderness – 8.2

Overall – 8.5

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Peter Luger – Williamsburg, NYC

Peter Luger
Williamsburg, NYC

To say peter luger is an institution may still be an understatement, the restaurant, founded in 1887 has been in the one location forever. I booked my dinner at peter lugers 3 weeks in advance and even then it was going to have to be on a Monday at 5pm.


I had done my research on the menu the week before and had my order down to a tee which made me very happy when the waiter seated us and told us the best way to have the peter luger “experience” was to order exactly what I had in mind.


To start the tomatoes and onions along with some of their house cured thick cut bacon and sauce.

And, to follow as the main event, their porterhouse for two along with their Special German Fried Potatoes and Creamed Spinach.


The tomato; onion and bacon came out and I was blown away. Such simplicity done to perfection; the tomato fresh, the onion sweet and the bacon was thick, fatty and salty. With their sauce; all was dynamite.


Not too long later the main course arrived. It was beautiful, A meat masterpiece.


The rare beef looked so good however if your wanted it cooked more you simply slid the beef along the sizzling plate.


It was fatty, tender, seasoned perfectly and finished with butter, heartstoppingly epic; this is one steak I could have eaten forever.


The sides were great as well, the creamed spinach a classic dish done well and their crispy hash potatoes going well with their house sauce.

I loved every minute of my experience at peter luger and while there are so many restaurants on my NYC, I’d never pass up an opportunity to come back here.

How well it’s cooked – 9.7

Flavour – 9.7

Tenderness – 9.2

Overall – 9.5

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