Hawker Bar – Beaconsfield Village, TO

Hawker Bar
Beaconsfield Village, Toronto

I’d walked past Hawker Bar once or twice before and had the opportunity to go one Friday night, I was excited to try their wings and their son in law eggs, two dishes id been seeing a lot of on social media.


I went with a friend and we ordered the son in law eggs, the chicken satay special, the wings and the red duck curry.


The son in law eggs were first out and they looked good, served in their individual spoons with a chili jam and some prik nam pla. I had son in law eggs at Chin Chin last in Melbourne and was super excited to try then somewhere else, unfortunately these were just okay, the eggs were fried enough but they should have been coated in the chili jam rather than have it underneath, they were also overcooked making them less desirable.


The wings came out next and they were amazing, the flavours were great, crisp, salty, sweet and spicy; everything that you could want and more, my only mistake was only ordering ½ a pound.


The satay chicken was the biggest let down of the night, it was grilled chicken with no flavour. The chicken and sauce were bland and boring; the saving grace was dipping it in the leftover wing sauce.


Last out was the red duck curry, different from what I was expecting and am used to in terms of a red curry but great nevertheless. Served with coconut rice it was a mix of sweet, spice and bold rich flavours. There is nothing like a good curry and this was one.


While the food was hit and miss, the hits were great and the drinks and atmosphere really made the meal a great one.

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